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Ecommerce Solutions


Website designing is a job which needs fine precision to display the products and services of the clients in the best possible way.


We have done Website Designing for clients not only in Czech Republic but also in the Europe, India and other parts of Czech Republic.
Our Website Designing is our skill attributed to our creativity.

Following are some of the Website Designing Services that our Czech Republic office offers:

1) Basic Website Designing : This package is intended for companies who want an economical website designing package for their business. With this Website Designing package we offer free DOMAIN Registration and Website Hosting package (45MB) with 1500MB of EMail Space.

2) Dynamic Website Designing : This website designing package is intended for people who want Flash based websites along with database support. With this website designing package you get a Product Control Panel free along with Free domain registration and Website Hosting Package (60MB).

3) E-commerce Website Designing : This website designing package is for business which are having online sales through their website. This website designing package comes with an online shopping cart. Included in this website designing package are Free Domain Registration and 60 Mb website hosting package.


Web applications are software's which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It does not require rigidity of being stuck to one computer to access your data.


It needs back end database support and server side programming.

Web Applications can range from programming anything customized for the client right from inventory management, online billing , online quotations etc.


The major areas where such applications can be developed are:

Online Billing - Can be accessed by various departments
Online Quotations - Generate quotes for your clients which they can view online, approve it and later print its INVOICE
Track and Trace - Primarily used by Logistic providers to help their immediate clients trace their shipment.
Inventory Management - Manage your inventory remotely , print reports and get notifications on depleting stocks.
Stock Market - With the use of data streaming procedure provide real-time quotes on stocks and other volatile rates.

Payment Gateways

An e-shopping cart can be defined as software which enables you to do multiple shopping for yourself when you are on an e-commerce website.


This software automatically computes the cost and other things for you and for the company as well and makes it easier for you to pay. When we think of the words ‘shopping cart’, the first thing that immediately pops into our minds is the shopping cart that we use in our local grocery or department store. However, when we talk about shopping carts online or at e-commerce websites, we are not talking about an actual object. A shopping cart is simply an application that makes a list of items that a customer wants to purchase. But there is an important factor to it: the setup should be made on the html code of the website; the shopping cart software must also be installed on the server which is responsible for hosting the e-commerce for the company.


Importance of an e-commerce cart can be analyzed from the following points:

The shopping cart has made shopping easier for a buyer online. You can select more than one item at a time and can easily pay for it. Before this software you had to select every item and pay for it and then hop to the other.

Another importance of a shopping cart can be that it easily calculates the amount for you. After this amount calculation, it makes an automatic order for your client.

Eshopping cart enables you as an employer to handle your customers more easily. If there were no eshopping cart it would have been really hard for the employer to manage his clients as every person would have been ordering twice or thrice or even more.

Search Engine Optimization

We specialize in website promotion and online marketing. We help business promotion using proven techniques to enhance search engine listings and online visibility, we can get you the traffic you need.


We target the global market to enhance your web presence.

We Focus On Results, Not Just Clicks

Our search team tailors online advertising campaigns to meet the unique goals and 100% search result for your company. We don't automate, we don't add "positive spin" and we don't just send clicks. We focus on increasing qualified leads, generating online sales and converting goals with real value.

Every move we make and every dollar we spend has a purpose. Fundamentals like rock solid data analysis and accurate tracking systems are important to us.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) If you want immediate results with maximum exposure to your potential customers, then Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a very powerful tool to generate sales leads for you. If you search on Google and Yahoo with keywords related to your business, you will find some of your faster competitors already listed on these major search engines. This means potential customers will find your competitors and contact them instead of you!

Our team of Qualified Advertising Professionals will plan, implement, and manage your SEM campaign constantly, making sure it delivers the qualified sales leads you need. We will help you become more profitable as a result of your involvement with us, earning more and spending less, and getting better returns over traditional advertising. Search Engine Marketing is the quickest and most cost effective way of putting your business listing on Page 1 of major search engines such as Google and Yahoo.


The completion of website designing marks the beginning of web promotion. The saying "You build it and people will come !" does not imply to web marketing.


Once your website is ready it needs something which is of paramount importance..."HITS !". The question is how do you generate these HITS ??

People may not realize but in online business HITS are the potential leads for your business and need to be treated with priority. The simple answer to this query is "Promotion" , in a manner which is not only business effective but also financially effective.

It needs systematic planning and analyzing target keywords. Only after finishing the initial phase does the promotion begin.

Statistics have stood the greatest testimony to the online marketing business. To site an example, when Mahendra had launched its Scorpio, for the initial 6 months its 60% sales was generated from its website. These astounding figures just go to show how important E-marketing is.

If one cannot understand the need of Online Marketing then probably he is not serious about his Website.

The approach to online marketing flows as below:

Adding relevant Meta-Tags to your web pages
Deciding on the number of links and its quality that should be present on your website
Adding appropriate TITLE tags to your pages
Generating keyword related BODY content
Study competitor websites and its ranking
Analyzing the % appearance of your keywords on the web pages
Submitting keywords and web pages to major search engines.


Regardless of how good your product or service is, in reality most visitors to your site won't convert into sales on their first visit.


A good email marketing campaign can help you:

Increase Your Sales Conversion

Generate Repeat Sales

Up-sell and Cross-sell Products and Services
Gain Valuable Feedback from your Visitors
Drive Web Users to Make Offline Purchases


Increase Your Sales Conversion

Regardless of how good your product or service is, in reality most visitors to your site won't convert into sales on their first visit.

In fact, research indicates that it takes the average shopper up to nine visits before they'll make a buying decision. In other words, every effective sales process requires an element of repetition.

IT Consulting

Dreamz Unlimited offers capabilities and skills that enhance and streamline your business processes and functions.


With innovative solutions we create and implement enterprise solutions designed to deliver rapid returns on investment and also provide tangible and long-term benefits.

How we can help you in consulting:

Study your current Business system
Suggest corrective technology and solution
Implement and Integrate Solutions

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